Introducing Monique


Hello Queens, I am Monique Spence, 20 years of age. I live in the beautiful island of Jamaica. I currently attend the University of Technology, Jamaica where I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

Why I Chose To Blog?

I chose to blog because I have been having this urge since I was in college. It all began when I had transitioned to natural hair. After three years of wearing cornrows and rope twists I just wanted a change in the hairstyles I did. I had began researching about natural hair and came upon the site Black Girl Long Hair which lead me to a whole other realm of natural hair.

I began making gradual changes in my hair journey which lead me to other findings. Long story short (as we would say in Jamaica), I have found that there has been a burning passion in me for natural hair. I saw this passion when I would constantly engage in natural hair topics, do continuous research about it because I wanted to perfect the art (not saying I have but I am getting there …. lol), would encourage my younger sister (who has been natural all her life) to love her natural hair and assured her that I would help her in her journey as well ). In addition to that, I have seen tremendous differences in my hair, as well as family members and friends. Hence, my main reason for starting this blog and helping others find this love for their natural hair.

What Will I Be Blogging About?

As stated above, I will be blogging about natural hair (my profound love for natural hair). The changes I’ve made in my natural hair journey, as well as, my natural lifestyle and how it has impacted my hair. Additionally, my passion for fashion sense (that rhyme didn’t it?… lol) kicks in, we’ll maybe just maybe incorporate all things fashionable. In addition to that, I am on a journey for clear skin and would love to encourage others to not give up on their beautiful face. I also have an idea of starting a natural feature each month, if possible. Therefore, if anyone is interested in sharing their natural hair journey to help encourage others, feel free to email me at for a question and answer session. I am interested and passionate about man other things, therefore, if anything comes up I’ll be sure to make a post about new additions to my page (my adventurous spirit).

How Can You Leave Feedback?

All our  readers are encouraged to get involve – you can do so by commenting. I do accept feedbacks, as well as, your interest in what I am about to initiate. I welcome all questions and suggestions for upcoming posts. Questions and suggestions can be sent to my email:

Who Would you Love to Connect with via your Blog?

I would love to connect with many other natural hair blogs and natural haired girls all over the world especially my Jamaican ladies.

If you Blog Successfully throughout the Next Year, What Would you Hope to Have Accomplished?

I hope to accomplish my main mission – to encourage ladies to love their natural hair and to believe that black hair is beautiful and it can grow despite what anybody has to say.

Until next time,

Peace and Love.





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