Factual or Mythical Series: Our Hair is Always Growing


This picture was drawn by Ariel. You can find her on Instagram @keturahariel

Yes, our hair is always growing. Actually on average our hair grows ½ inch a month. That’s 6 inches in a year. Can you imagine retaining all that length in the healthy way possible? Although many naturals will not see this growth due to excess breaking of hair. Thus, the reason for preventing hair breakage during our hair growth regimen. Bear in mind though that some hair loss is quite normal, so don’t sweat it. It is natural to lose 50-100 hairs per day. This is referred to as shedding. Knowing the difference between shedding and breakage and how to treat either will help one in their journey to healthy hair.

What is the difference between shedding and breakage?

1. Shed hair is hair that has reached the end of it’s growing cycle. This hair will naturally fall from the scalp followed by a tiny, white “root” attached. The attached white root is not the actual hair root secured deeply within the scalp. It appears white because the hair stops producing melanin at at the point in the growth cycle when it’s about to fall out. Shed hairs are usually long in length.


One day of shed hair

2. On the other hand, breakage is not normal and is due to mishandling or abuse of the hair such as tightly wrapping scrunchies at a designated spot repeatedly, sun exposure, excessive straightening, any form of rough handling. Breakage is more common with a hair’s age (older hairs). This type of hair is usually the hair nearest to the ends. If breakage is not due to the above stated it can also be due to lack of moisture in the hair strand or excessive use of protein treatments. Broken hair does not fall naturally from the scalp. They are usually short in length.


Breakage at the crown of my head from constant high puffs and buns. When this happened I cut off the long ends and it’s growing back nicely.

We may think our hair is not growing but be mindful of the two terminologies used above. Even though naturals use it interchangeably it is best to know which you’re experiencing.

Until next time,

Peace & Love.



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