Product Review | Lottabody® Moisture Me Curl & Style Milk

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The new rave of the natural hair community – the Lottabody new styling line for both natural and relaxed hair girls.

I had the chance of using one of the products from their line – Moisture Me Curl & Style Milk  and I must say the reviews I’ve read and videos I’ve watched about this product are no lie.

How I Used: I used this product as a styler and moisturizer. I applied it to freshly washed hair and a dime size amount of Ecostyler Gel Krystal to get my curls to pop for my wash n’ go. I also used it alone to do my twist out. A small amount of gel was used at the front of my hair as the curls in this area are very lose and this product was just too light to use alone for that area for hold.In addition to that, I use it as the cream in my L.C.O Method for moisturizing my hair every other day.

Thoughts: It is not a thick product – pretty lightweight and trust me when I say a little goes a long way. It does what it says – tames frizz, defines curls, adds moisture and brilliant shine. Don’t forget it smells sooooooo good – coconutty. Lol. My mom and sis couldn’t stop raving about the smell and the curls I achieved from using this product. Not to mention that it worked well with my ecostyler gel – no flaking or residue was seen.

Price: Being that I live in Jamaica I paid $704 for this product but it’s priced between $5-$10 in America, I think. You can get this product for $3.36 at

Is this product worth buying? – Yes. I definitely recommend this product. It is worth the price also. I will definitely be trying to get my hands on this product again.

wash-n-go, natural-hair, lotta-body-moisture-me-curl-&-style-milk, curly-hair, kinky-hair

wash-n-go, lotta-body-moisture-me-curl-&-style-milk, curly-hair, kinky-hair


Lotta Body Moisture Me Curl & Style Milk

Disclaimer: Above mentioned is how this product worked for me. It may or may not work the same way it did for me so you will have to give it a try.

Until next time,

Peace & Love.


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