Product Haul

After school yesterday and today I got a few things I would need for my hair since this week would be my wash week. I’m not a product junkie but I am always open to trying new products. Therefore, each week I’ll try a new product. I’m a naturalaholic on a budget so I mostly opt for DIYs.


Here’s what I picked up at a local beauty supplies and a pharmacy ….

1. Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream – I am yet to find a leave-in conditioner my hair loves and I’ve read great reviews of this product, therefore I will be giving it a try.

2. Alberto VO5 Herbal Escapes Kiwi Lime Squeeze Clarifying Conditioner – I’ve used this product from my last wash day and it did well, therefore I made a purchase again.

3. Hask Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment – I saw this product while walking through the aisle and thought why not give it a try seeing that my weeks are very hectic now and I am not able to do one of my DIY deep conditioners.

4. VIA Natural Ultra Care Shea Butter Oil Concentrated Natural Oil – I also saw this product while walking down the aisle and thought of giving it a try.

5. Benjamins Rose Water – I read about the benefits of rose water for the hair and saw this in a pharmacy, thinking it would be a great idea. I forgot to read the label and when I came home I saw that it had parabens (a preservative natural gals avoid using). I’m skeptic about using this, therefore, I may not use it. I guess my mom will be happy when I give her this product for use in her kitchen.

6. Benjamins Glycerin – I read about the benefits of glycerin/e for the hair and searched high and low for this product.

7. Coconut Oil– I must say, I have been searching high and low for coconut oil. It even came to the point where I asked my dad if he could make some for me and he said yes but he got busy so I had to search again. I found this pharmacy that sells them in 4 oz jars, I got so excited and made sure I got my hands on one. Coconut oil in Jamaica can be a bit expensive so I was happy for this find.

8. Last but not least, a new spray bottle. My brother damaged my old spray bottle, now it’s looking like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

I will be reviewing some of the products from my haul in the weeks to come, as well as, a blog post on what’s in my spray bottle. Be sure to look out for that. If you’ve tried any of these products from my haul before let me know your thoughts on them below in the comment section or tweet me @onlycleyopatra. Thank you.

Until next time,

Peace & Love.



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