Being Natural is NOT as easy as it looks!

You may think the topic of this post is to deter my naturalistas or upcoming naturalistas from the natural hair journey that they are on. Stop! This is not so. It is only to prepare the mind for what each of us are getting ourselves into or what we are already in. We may see a fellow blogger or youtuber and think that they have it all together because their natural hair is “on point”, “on fleek”, “them edges laid”, etc- whatever slang makes you sleep at night BUT I am quite sure they’ve also had their days.


I have been natural for more than 3 years. I must say it has not being an easy journey. Why you may ask?

  1. Firstly, I think natural is high maintenance and I mean HIGH. Products are not only expensive, you have to try and try and try again until you find that perfect one. You know when you find that perfect one, you just want to kiss that product. In addition to that, finding a regimen through trial and error to suit your goals is a tedious one. Our hair is the weakest of all hair types and all this while we’ve been thinking it’s Samson. Clearly we’ve been deceived (Delilah) by the looks of our hair. Therefore, it needs more tender, love and care than we’re used to giving.
  2. Secondly, hairstyles can become boring and when you have parents like mine who don’t allow the extravagance of braiding, coloring, etc. It can be quite mundane. Additionally, being a nursing student here in JA where they have strict rules about our hairstyles (foamites). Go figure. I have no options where styling is concerned. So I have to go back to the drawing board. Not again.
  3. Then there’s that moment when you’ve discovered a holy grail only to find out the next time you go to the beauty supplies, they have none. Sobs. So I guess we’re back to square one.
  4. Let’s get to the meat of the matter. Trying a new hairstyle that magically fails, turning your good day into a bad one. You now wonder what you did wrong when you clearly didn’t miss a step. My darlings those days will come but it’s your come back that matters. Turn that failure into something spectacular. Jamaicans would say, style a style an’ style caan spoil. Lol
  5. Are you a fan of DIYs? If not, maybe you’ll at least try one DIY during your natural hair journey. We have hairstyle failures, now onto the DIY failures. Making a product that only adds to your work. I remember making a banana hair mask and it was a total disaster. All the banana was left in my hair. I had to sit and comb out each piece of banana. Never to try that recipe again but it made my hair completely soft – ah!!! heavenly. In addition, it causes a mess in my bathroom and leaves a scent I can’t contain.
  6. There may be times when you feel like cutting all your hair off. I’ve had those moments quite a few times. Especially now that I’ve stopped rope twisting my hair.
  7. Waking up late for school or work and your hair is a complete mess. You now have to spend time combing your hair because you don’t want to go to school or work looking like a mess. Therefore, you’re either late for week or you have to skip breakfast.
  8. Buying a product that doesn’t work for you so now you’re left with ¾ of a product. I’ve heard youtubers living in the US say they could take back that product. In Jamaica, you dear not try that or I’ve never tried but I don’t think you could get away with doing that. If you weren’t a kind person, you are now. Just give that product to another natural hair friend that you think this product will work for.
  9. People asking if that’s your real hair, or they just run up to you and start touching your hair. I’ve had someone asked me if I had crochet braids installed when I did my twist out or someone asked if I had micro braids installed when I had my hair in mini rope twists.
  10. You know the major shrinkage problem that can be quite annoying at times. 12″ of hair looking like 3″. Ladies, just embrace it. Don’t hate it.
  11. Having that bomb twist out or braid out or whatever hairstyle and it gets wet by rain. It turns into a puff ball or big fat afro.

These are just a few things that I’ve experienced and makes me say natural hair is not as easy it looks or that can be quite annoying. Life happens my darlings and as a naturalista we have to just prepare for it or try to avoid. Whichever works for you. Despite whatever I may encounter during this journey, I will never deter to another path. I have grown to embrace the shrinkage, the failed attempts, the assumptions and the high prices. My friend would say, “what a girl loves, is what a girl loves.” Have you encountered anything during your natural hair journey that makes you say it’s not as easy as it looks?


DISCLAIMER: These are my thoughts/opinions/feelings/experiences, not someone else. We may not share the same sentiments but yours are welcomed.

Until next time,

Peace & Love.


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