Product Review | Hask®: Monoi Coconut Oil Nourishing Deep Conditioner

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I was walking through the aisles of a local beauty supplies in Montego Bay when I spotted this product. My wash day was right around the corner but I knew it would be an hectic day and I wouldn’t be able to whip up a DIY deep conditioner. So I had to snatch me a packet or two. You will see me review a lot more deep conditioners as this semester of school doesn’t afford me the luxury of making my DIYs.


Free of: sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, drying alcohol and artificial colors.

The Hask: Monoi Coconut Oil Nourishing Deep Conditioner is an ultra restorative moisturizing treatment that promises to revitalize all hair types. Monoi coconut oil, native to Tahiti, is known for its re-hydrating and softening qualities and for leaving all hair types nourished, moisturized and revived.

How I Used: I used this product as a moisturizing deep conditioner. Since, it was my first time using anything marked deep conditioner I followed the directions. Therefore, I applied to clean, wet hair after I warmed it up. Then placed my steam cap on and let it deep condition for about an hour to an hour and half.


Product in hair

Thoughts: The smell was as though you were on a tropical island. The consistency of the product was just right – not too thick and not too thin. It did not completely define my curls as my protein treatment would but I was satisfied with the little definition I attained. Nevertheless, it made my hair soft and it did feel moisturized and revived after I rinsed.

Hask Monoi.jpg

Consistency of this product.

Price: I paid $240 for each packet. On Amazon, it costs $5.85. Be sure to click the product name highlighted and you will be directed to the product.

Is this product worth buying?: Yes, it is. I would definitely make a purchase again.

P.S. I only used 1½ packets for my hair and I have medium length, thick hair. Great huh? I was surprised because I am usually heavy handed when applying products to my hair.

Have you ever used this product? How did it work for you? How did you use it? Will you make a purchase?

Until next time,

Peace & Love. 💋


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