👣 Reminiscing 👣

Reminiscing Take It Back.jpg

I can still remember the day I made up my mind that I wanted to start caring for my hair – I was in my final year of high school. Lets take it back to what sparked this caring attitude towards this hair of mine. My hair was at its plateau – my dad had told me to start transitioning my hair because at the salon they were cutting too much of my hair but transitioning wasn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to keep my hair permed.


Transitioning? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I was at the edge of the cliff where my natural hair was concerned because I was just becoming bored with my hair. I knew my hair could do better than this but what was I not doing? I was fully transitioned by the end of grade 9 and the only thing I could remember doing to my hair was applying  mineral oil to toweled dry hair, using a fine tooth comb in my hair, detangling on dry hair among a myriad of other things. I continued with this trend up until grade 11 where I noticed no progress in length retention except for the front of my hair (from the ear forward) because this area was always cornrowed by my mom (low manipulation to this area). I began researching closer to the end of grade 11 and my discoveries created an excitement  that was left to be crushed. Money I didn’t have at the moment had to be spent on products for this journey.


Yeah right! I wish I could.

Nevertheless, I didn’t give up. A wide tooth comb and a spray bottle was the cheapest so I got those and worked with the products I had at home. Alberto V05 conditioner and shampoo were the main products my family used in their hair, as well as, Blue Magic. My wash day now involved sectioning my hair into 14 twists, working with each section diligently as I worked shampoo then conditioner through my hair with the help of my lovely fingers for detangling. I must say though I had fallen in love with finger detangling – I saw great difference in the length retention of hair at the nape of my head.


My hair back in college

Now onto greater things …. my research continued of course. My hair was growing, I stopped using shampoo but V05 Moisture Milks Strawberries and Cream Conditioner was the ish, I started making deep conditioners for my hair – I was becoming knowledgeable, therefore this knowledge was being applied. College was when my initial thought of initiating a blog came up but I was going through a phase of isolation, therefore I deterred from the thought. I made several attempts at doing so but I failed miserably. The bantu-knot out became my go-to hairstyle since I fell in love with the curly hairstyles. This was the only way I knew how to get my hair curly and I was loving it.


My bantu-knot outs back then

Click here to see how I achieve my bantu-knot out.


Another one *DJ Khalid voice* lol

I started experimenting with different hairstyles.My fro was growing and is still growing. I love the journey. I would not change a thing about it.


One of my most successful experimented hairstyles. Funny enough I can’t get it like this again but I’m going to give it another shot.

Messy Topknot bun.jpg

My messy topknot bun


Can’t you tell I was in love with bandanas. Yes, I was a bandana girl.

My fro.jpg

Not to mention my fro. But I loved the shape.

Look at me now – I finally started my blog, I’m encouraging other girls to keep it natural and I can finally be an influencer. What more can I ask for? I might have been reluctant to transitioning my hair when my dad suggested it but I now thank God my dad told me to do so. I am loving every second of it.

Until next time,

Peace & Love.




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