The Wash N’ Go Series

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I’ll be starting a wash n’ go series where I speak of the products I use for my wash n’ go, how I maintain my wash n go, styles you can attain with a wash n’ go among other things over a period of time. I find that this style is less time consuming since I have a hectic life and it’s easy to manipulate for additional styles.

I know many will say I can’t do this style because my curls won’t clump blah blah blah. I mean, if we begin to love the hair that God gave us and learn to work with it we will not be afraid to try this style. I have failed at this style so many times because my curls won’t either clump together (I have three or four curl patterns) or the ones at the front are just too curly sometimes I wish it was a bit kinkier but I have learnt to embrace it nonetheless. I wanted that defined curl but my hair just wouldn’t give it to me. If we begin to let our hair be free and do it’s own thing instead of trying to make it do what we want it to do or what we think it should do, we will succeed.

If you interested in such a series look out for more posts under the Wash n’ Go series for the weeks to come. Also, comment below what you would like to see under this series so I can help my fellow Queens out.

Until next time,

Peace & Love.


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