Blogging About Skin Care

Hey Queens! As the month is coming to an end, I make this post to inform you that I will be including skin care to my blog. So look out for my skin care posts. I have been struggling with acne since high school – blackheads, white heads, hyperpigmentation, scars, etc. – you name it, I’ve probably been through it. My friends would think I am a very confident girl with a high self-esteem but that’s what I show outside. They don’t know that deep inside I wish I could rip my face off for having all these acne or wish I had flawless skin like another girl or thought I was ugly because I had acne. In addition to that, I always wondered why guys were attracted to me and I had a face full of pimples (let’s not get into that).

acne, skin-care, skin-care-regimen, pimples, bumps, scars, treatment

This was my face back in College.

I’ve tried many products: Aveeno, Clean&Clear – can’t remember some of them, just to show you how many I’ve used but those are two of the main ones. They just don’t work for me or they work now and later down I’m back to pimples popping up here and there but I haven’t given up on products just yet. I’ll be giving them a break and getting back to my roots (using things that are around us such as aloe vera, honey, etc) – the natural way. I plan to document this process on my blog as I think it enables me to be dedicated to what I am about to venture into. I can be quite an impatient girl when it comes to my skin because I want to see results immediately but I think the documentation on this blog will assist in that problem.

skin-care, hyperpigmentation, acne, scars, blemishes, bumps

This was when a rash felt like taking over my face. It itched so bad and made my face strip but I dealt with that. It tried to make a come back but I dealt with again.

skin-care, skin-care-regimen, rash, acne, pimples, bumps

In this picture here, you can see the white patch from the rash. I constantly used my hair to hide my face. This is when I thank God for my hair.

skin-care, skin-care-regimen, acne, pimples, bumps, hyperpigmentation

This is the left side of my face. As you can see I don’t have a lot of scars or spots on this side of my face.

acne, pimples, bumps, skin-care, skin-care-regimen, blemishes

This is the right side of my face. As you can see it is plagued with hyperpigmentation, etc. I call this the worst side of my face. This picture doesn’t even do it justice. 

Follow me while I document this journey to better skin and I hope that it will help others. Here on my blog I portray royalty and how can you be confidently royal if you’re not confident in your own skin. Happy skin, confident Queens.

Until next time,

Peace & Love.


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