Factual or Mythical Series: Natural Hair Must be Moisturized

Factual. I can vividly remember those days when I would wash my hair, dry with a towel and then oil with a petrolatum oil. Wow, I must say. I was that natural haired girl doing all the wrong things to her hair. I didn’t know better but thank God for all these platforms that have assisted me, as well as, my curiosity and love for change.

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Natural hair must be moisturized because our type 4 hair is very fragile but only you can determine the frequency of how often you moisturize your hair. Whether it be daily, every other day, weekly – whatever works for you; it varies from person to person. One thing that is general to all naturals though, is that the oldest part of our hair – the ends, need all the tender, love and care you can give to it. Therefore, when we moisturize our hair we should pay keen attention to this part of our hair.

We must pay attention to the look and feel of our hair in order to know when it is lacking in moisture. Bear in mind though that shiny hair doesn’t mean well moisturized hair. Signs Your Hair Needs to be Moisturized:

  1. Consistently dry
  2. Rough to the touch
  3. Snapping off or breaking
  4. Makes a scratchy sound

How do you moisturize your hair?

I am sure we all are aware of the L.O.C Method (Liquid, Oil and Cream), as well as, the L.C.O Method (Liquid, Cream and Oil). Whichever works for you continue to do this method:

  1. Moisturize with a liquid (you can let the steam from the shower moisturize your hair or use a water based leave in conditioner solution)
  2. Lock that moisture in with a natural oil (Jojoba oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Argan oil, etc. – whichever works best for you)
  3. Use a cream to seal numbers 1 and 2 for extra moisture


How can you keep your hair moisturized?

I know we might love the look of that twist out or braid out but to extend moisture retention opt for a protective style. When the ends of your hair are tucked away and not exposed to the air, they retain moisture for a longer time period. Hair not worn in a protective style, will lose moisture much faster. So not only is protective styling good at preventing damage from manipulation of the hair, it is also a great way to preserve hair moisture as well.

How do you keep your hair moisturized? Do you use the L.O.C or L.C.O method? How often do you do so?

Until next time,

Peace & Love.



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