My New Skin Regimen


As stated before in my previous post about blogging my progress as I venture on this new skin regimen. I would like to say that store bought products are just not working at the moment and my skin is so sensitive, therefore I think the natural way will be right for me at this time. Since I’ve discovered that I will be indulging into a new regimen. Here’s what I will be doing:

Daily Routine: 1. Honey Cleansing Method

2. Moisturize

Weekly Routine: Steam my face then rub a tomato onto my face, rinse that off with warm water. Then I go ahead to apply an egg to my face then wait until it drys then rinse with warm water. I then exfoliate with sugar to damp face, rinse off with warm water then apply honey.

Quite a simple regimen, right? I pray to God it works. I will be making progressive posts every 6 months for you to see. If there is any addition or changes to this regimen I will make an updated regimen post, as well as, progressive posts from now there on.

I will make detailed posts about the following method mentioned above in future posts. To see the blank slate that I am working with, click here.

Until next time,

Peace & Love.






2 thoughts on “My New Skin Regimen

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