My First Hair Tag

Hey Queens! 👋

This is my first hair tag. I’ve always liked tags especially the Youtube ones. I think these tags are a great way of getting the reader to know more about who is behind this blog, as well as to interact with the readers.

I saw Atim from participated in a hair tag and she tagged all those who were interested in doing this blog. Hop over to her blog to check out her hair tag.

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Here is my hair tag:

1. Why did you start your hair journey?

I started my hair journey because my dad was not loving my permed hair.

2. How long have you been on your hair journey?

I’ve been on this journey from  2010 but I started caring for my hair around 2012. It’s almost 6 years put together.


3. Are you natural, relaxed or transitioning?

I am natural.

4. What is your hair length now?

I am almost at BSL (bra-strap length).

5. What is your goal length?

I have always said that I wanted my hair to be as long to cover my breasts without exposing them when I’m topless. Lol. So i’m guessing it would have to be about waste length to be at that length when shrinkage comes to town.

6. What is your hair texture?

My hair is multi-textured. My head is crowned with curls, kinks and coils from 3c-4b.

7. Health or length?

I am going to say both. I love long hair and I also love a healthy head of hair. Let’s say healthy length. 🙂

8. If you could only leave with one hair product, what would it be?

Water. It is so universal and my hair loves it. If that doesn’t count as a product then I would go with my deep conditioner.

9. What is the worst product you have ever used?

VIA Natural Ultra Care Shea Butter Oil and Argan Oil. The oils from this brand are just the worst when it comes to using them on my hair.

10. What is your go to hairstyle?

My go to hairstyles are high puffs and buns, low buns, twists (whether big or small), twist outs, crown brains, updos and bantu-knot outs.

11. Are you a product junkie?

No. Each time a new product comes out I am eager to try but I won’t harbor all those products in my home. I’ll buy one at a time and try as the time progresses.

12. How often do you trim your ends?

Every six months but there are times when I do a style and the ends just need to go at the time because it’s just killing the style.

13. How often do you use heat?

Not very often. If I do use heat, i’ll use my blow dry and blow dry my hair using the tension method. Also, I only use my blow dryer when needed.

14. Do you take supplements?

Not at the moment but I have taken supplements. I am planning on taking some in the future again.

15. Favorite oil?

Coconut oil. I’m in love with the coco. 🙂


This picture is drawn by the artist keturahAriel

16. Who is your hair crush?

I have so many hair crushes but i’m going with Naptural85 on Youtube.


Do you see all that hair? and she is so beautiful. I can’t wait for mine to get this long.

17. How long does it take you on wash day?

I am not sure because I do so many things on my wash but let me go with approximately 4 hours.

18. Worse thing that has ever happened to your hair?

Breakage at the crown of my head.

19. Do you dye your hair? If yes, what color?

No, I do not dye my hair. I don’t think I will be doing it in the near future. Maybe i’ll try that spray one that you can wash out when you’re ready. That’s as far as it will get.


This is my hair journey so far. What is your hair journey like? Let us now by doing this hair tag. All you hair enthusiasts are tagged. 🙂

You can add me on snapchat: cleyopatra . I post a lot there about my hair and my life.

Until next time,

Peace & Love. 💋


7 thoughts on “My First Hair Tag

  1. Ggiirrrll… You have got HAIR!!. it’s so long and pretty!. OMG I love it!. I love your styles too.
    I enjoyed reading your tag. Will pick up the healthy length line next time I am asked. Loll.
    Honestly, I llloovveeee your hair!.

    Liked by 1 person

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