Perm Rod Twists

I was tired of my twists looking so bland and thought they needed some humph. Therefore, I purchased two packs of perm rods to get these twists having some life and bounce again.

perm-rod-set, perm-rods, rope-twists, mini-twists, styling,hairstyle

I’ve been wearing my rope/mini twists down or pulled up for two weeks now as seen below:

The pictorial below will show you how I got the humph my twists needed. I used 24 perm rods for this style with the addition of the LCO method I use to moisturize my hair. With L being my aloe vera juice, C being the Lotta Body Moisture Me Curl & Style Milk and O being my coconut oil. I slept in the perm rods for two nights to ensure that they were dry (they were not painful to sleep in). I think the Lotta Body Moisture Me Curl & Style Milk did a great job at achieving these curls. They were bouncy, shiny, moisturized and smelling delicious. lol 🙂

pictorial, perm-rod-set, perm-rods, twists, rope-twists, mini-twists, styling

I took some shots to show you how my was looking throughout the day.

I hope you like this style and will be willing to try when you get bored with just wearing twists whether they be small, medium or large. There are many things we can do with them rather than just wearing them down or pulled up.

What do you usually do to make your lifeless twists come to life?

Until next time,

Peace & Love.




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