How I Achieved My Most Successful Wash n’ Go

Hey Queens! 👋

I’m back with another post. This post serves to inform you of how I achieved my most successful wash n’ go in and out of the shower.


When done in the shower


Step 1: Start on freshly washed hair. This is hair that has been clarified, deep conditioned, conditioned and detangled thoroughly.

Step 2: Apply leave-in conditioner to soaking wet hair – small sections. I used the Lottabody Moisture Me Curl & Style Milk as my leave-in. Click here to see my review on this product.

Step 3: Apply your favorite gel to small sections. I used the Ecostyler Krystal Styling Gel.

Step 4: Apply your favorite oil. I used coconut oil.

Step 5: You can let your hair air dry then diffuse but since I did this on soaking wet hair and I hate when water drips all over me I shook my head back and fort a little bit to get rid of some of the water then diffuse until about 70-80% dry then air dried.

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When done outside the shower.


In this process my hair was probably washed two days ago.

Step 1: I wet my hair with water and conditioner I have in a spray bottle.

Step 2: I apply my gel.

Step 3: I apply my oil.

Step 4: I air dry until hair is 85% dry for this process since my hair is not dripping wet as when done in the shower.

I ensure that application of each product was made to small sections so as to get the products distributed evenly in my hair. I was amazed by the use of these products. I think the Lottabody Curl & Style Milk was a great hit in this Wash n’ Go. I can’t wait to try other products to see what my curls will look like with the application of them. Look out for more posts under the Wash n’ Go Series.

How simple was that? What is your method in achieving your most successful Wash n’ Go? Comment below and let us now. You might help someone that is still struggling with their method like I used to.

Until next time,

Peace & Love. 💋


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