10 Reasons To Go Natural, Now!

Hey Queens! 👋

I make this post to encourage someone to return to their natural hair. You may be considering returning to your natural hair but waver no more. I endorse natural hair because I have natural hair, and just as how a girl on the creamy crack loves to see a girl joining the cream crack community (I have some of these girls in my class) that’s how excited I get when I see my sisters returning to their natural hair.

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Now I have been natural for almost six years and I love every moment of it. Therefore, I can give you reasons as to why returning to your natural state is a great decision. This may not be all the reasons but these are some of the reasons that stood out for me.

#1. It’s your hair. It grows from your scalp. That’s the hair God gave to you. It’s such a sense of freedom. Feels like I have been liberated from the European views of beauty.


#2. It makes you look young. Who doesn’t want to look young? I sure know that ain’t me. I’m 21 this year and I have two younger siblings. Each and every where I go, people think that I am the youngest of my siblings. It doesn’t bother me at all. I just embrace it. These natural haired girls be looking like teenagers. You can’t even tell they have children.

#3. You’re worried if persons will like it? Do you even care? But if you do, just know they will, as well as, some won’t but who cares. The majority will and you definitely will – you loving your hair is all that matters.

#5. It’s versatile. You can rock a fro, you can wear it straight, you can wear it curly. Girl, your hair will be all rounded. Ain’t nobody got nothing on a natural haired girl.


This a picture by the artist Tiffani Anderson. You can find her on Facebook and YouTube by using the name mentioned.

#6. It’s  healthier for you. Most women who return to their natural hair tend to start eating healthy (this is not a fact but from what I’ve seen around me, on YouTube and even in myself, I make this statement). Being healthy starts from within and if you want healthy hair you have to treat the body right. Natural hair is also healthy in comparison to processed hair. With processed hair, every six months you are applying harsh chemicals to you hair while with natural hair you won’t be doing this.

#7. Number six leads me to this one. Girl, you wanna be smelling like coconut, an island in the Caribbean or on the beach. If we don’t use harsh chemicals, then what do we use? You don’t know that we use all the goodies from the earth – coconut, banana, aloe vera, peppermint, tea tree, castor seed, hibiscus? – you name it, we’ve probably used it. If you’re returning to your natural state then just keep in mind that you’ll be using natural ingredients.


#8. It initiates businesses, therefore improving the economy. Every where I turn someone is starting a business to support the natural hair community and I am so happy. It has me thinking I should too and I will because I have always been business minded.

#9. You are joining a community that inspire people. Just think about. Inspiring one of your sisters or even more to take the path of natural hair or even your daughter to love who she is (sounds like I’m preaching … lol). Nevertheless, you will be an inspiration to somebody.

#10. Last but not least, it’s unique. The uniqueness of natural hair is the reason why so many person stare when they see you walk by, or ask to touch and even though they mean well, they ask if it’s your real hair.

The natural hair community is very welcoming, therefore, do not be afraid that you will not fit in. You will. Let no one discourage you. This is going to be one of the greatest decisions you’ve made in your life. Welcome to the community of not only Queens but Kings too. 🙂


Are there any reasons you think anyone considering joining the natural hair community should know? Write them below in the comment section. You might never know who you’ll inspire or help to make this decision today.

Until next time,

Peace & Love. 💋


6 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Go Natural, Now!

  1. I love this! Especially #9! If it wasn’t for the Natural Hair Community and YouTube vloggers like @sunkissalba and @tarenguy I would have given up on my journey. But they’ve helped me by introducing new products and have helped me to be open to using natural products. Now, I find such useful tips all of the time now by following blogs and other curlies on Instagram. I love the encouragement I’ve received and have really been inspired to help other curlies along on their journey!

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