Aloe Vera

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I’ve known this plant since I was a child – it’s growing in my backyard. I’ve seen my dad used it to wash his hair, as well as used it to make juice. This plant is beneficial to humanity in so many ways. It’s great for topical use, internal use and so much more.

aloe-vera, benefits-of-aloe-vera

Aloe Vera is a popular medicinal plant that has been used for thousands of years. It’s greatly used for treating skin injuries but there are so much more to this plant than treating skin injuries.


  1. Prevents signs of aging
  2. Moisturizes skin
  3. Reduces acne and helps lighten skin
  4. Helps with sunburns and reduces tan
  5. Heals external wounds and insect bites
  6. Promotes hair growth
  7. Reduces dandruff
  8. Maintains pH balance of the scalp
  9. Conditions hair [SOURCE]


Aloe vera can be used directly on the skin as a moisturizer or you can add other ingredients to boost the benefits such as lemon juice when applying to skin to help fade dark marks.

For the hair it can be used in our DIY deep conditioners, we can make aloe vera juice to moisturize our hair amongst other things.

How do you use aloe vera for your hair or for skin? Comment below to tell us.

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5 thoughts on “Aloe Vera

  1. Aloe Vera is growing all over my house, literally and I use it for everything. I have dry, itchy scalp and I cut open the stem and rub it directly on my scalp. It’s very soothing. I also use it in my DIY hair conditioners. Good info!

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