5 Days of Twist N’ Curl

Hey Queens! ๐Ÿ‘‹

I can’t believe we’re in May already, it seems as though my life is moving fast without even thinking. Well, my twist n’ curl lasted me for five days (the 5th day was May 1, 2016.), therefore, I took pictures to demonstrate my curls each day. If you’re just learning of my twist n’ curl you can find the style tutorial here.

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Day 1

This is the day my curls were taken down, so I swooped one side of my hair back with an hair pin and laid my edges.

Day 2

I am starting to become a pin up girl, therefore by day two my hair was already in a pin up style – I couldn’t avoid it.

Day 3

I did my rendition of a fro hawk.

Day 4

My edges started to look a little dry, therefore, I spritz my hair with some water and applied my Lotta body Curl & Style Milk and laid my edges. I placed hair pins around the perimeter of the front of my head to get the hair out of my face.

That night I was suppose to head out so I placed two flat twists at the front my hair and pinned them into my hair.

Day 5

By day 5 most of my curls were gone and I was heading to church, therefore, I placed one flat twist at the front my hair and made a lower bun with the rest of my hair. Anybody that knows me, knows that I like to do a coil at the sides of my hair – I just think it’s cute.

By the time I was home from church, I just had a take a little bite from my dinner and head out again. I made a quick shift of hairstyle – I turned that low bun into a high one, still keeping my flat twist at the front and my coil of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you enjoyed this week of style with my Twist N’ Curl and will attain the same results or even better.

Until next time,

Peace & Love.


6 thoughts on “5 Days of Twist N’ Curl

  1. Such a versatile hairstyle. The Twist and Curl never works for me, my hair is very fine and isn’t having it. Any hairstyle that you can stretch for 5 days and still look good is a winner in my book.


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