I’ve Noticed Softer Hair

Hey Queens! đź‘‹

I am one to always wear my hair in mini twists. Here in Jamaica, we call them rope twists. Yesterday, I installed another head of rope twists and I noticed that my hair was as soft as ever than before. I was in awe.

soft-hair, moisturized-hair, bouncy-hair, healthy-hair

I washed my hair on Thursday -the whole works of shampoo, deep condition, condition, apply a leave-in and then applied my black castor oil infused with argan oil mixed with coconut oil. This is the process I always used when washing my hair but I tweaked it a little. I wasn’t home by the way when I washed my hair. I was staying at my cousin’s house. Now, at his house he has a water heater.

twists, rope-twists, soft-hair, healthy-hair, moisturized-hair

I would like to think it’s the warm water that caused this soft hair. Before applying my leave-in conditioner and oils. I pulled out all my twists that I usually wash my hair in and ran my hair under all that warm water. My scalp and hair felt great from this warm water drenching process. I then applied my Cantu-Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream immediately then my castor oil infused with argan oil mixed with coconut oil to my hair.


I also want to think it’s the castor oil infused with argan oil because I’ve never used used this product on my hair before.

Also I tried not to manipulate my hair after washing it. I just applied a little more castor oil and twisted up my hair and let it air-dry. I didn’t even use my cotton t-shirt for drying my hair.

Who knows? I strongly believe it was all three. The warm water opened my cuticles allowing my hair to be fully saturated with moisture from the leave-in conditioner and oils. Leave-in conditioner and oils are great way to get moisture back into your hair. In addition to that, knowing I have low-porosity hair. My cuticles need to be open in order to get moisture into my hair and the warm water assisted the leave-in conditioner and oils in doing so.

twists, rope-twists, mini-twists, natural-hair, moisturized-hair

How do you achieve soft hair? Explain below in the comment section.

Until next time,

Peace & Love. đź’‹


4 thoughts on “I’ve Noticed Softer Hair

  1. Soft hair– I find in order to soften new growth and dry hair, I must deep condition regularly. I find making my own by mixing a regular condish with 99¢ coconut milk and other kitchen ingredients (Mayo, honey) really softens it up more than just conditioner.
    Using a bristle brush after smoothing raw Shea butter on the freshly washed, damp hair ensures soft hair for a long time. Soft is always a healthy state of hair!!!!

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