Undefined Fro

Hey Queens! 👋🏽

Last Wednesday I wore my hair in undefined style and I love it. I am a girl who loves a defined look, so falling in love with an undefined style means I am growing to love my hair in whatever state it’s in. I used to think persons would look at me like I’m a crazy girl with all my hair out like that but I just didn’t care that day. I had so many eyes staring at my hair but it just didn’t matter. I felt free, my hair dancing in the wind. 🙂

undefined-fro, natural-hair, fro, hairstyle, hair,

My wash day was the next day – Thursday and I just didn’t want to do much with my hair, so I placed some flat twists in my hair about 10 or less and the next day I pulled them out to achieve this: 💁

fro, undefined, undefined-fro, natural-hair, fat-twist-out, style, styling, hair-style

I love that I achieved immediate big hair with this undefined look.

The good thing about it was that even though it was a windy day, my hair was still soft to the touch. I had moisturized my hair two days prior to taking down these flat twists.


Are you a fan of undefined styles? I sure am now. Whether it be a windy or humid day, if I’m in the mood I’ll be sure to rock an undefined fro.

Until next time,

Peace & Love. 💋


9 thoughts on “Undefined Fro

  1. Is your name monique, mine is too! Butt i’ve grown to love my big undefined fro. I also love the defined look I can achieve from various products or doing some kinds of set. But my undefined fro gets a lot of head turns because the thickness and fullness.

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  2. Your hair is amazing…i really admire gals growing their hair naturally,though am not that patient with the pain that comes with combing & styling natural hair but hopefully one day i will.


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