How To Achieve A Super Defined Twist Out

Hey Queens! 👋🏽

I am a twist out gal. It’s one of my go-to styles especially because I like to wear my hair in twists, therefore, I’m always left with a  twist out every one loves. Have I failed at a twist out? I don’t think I ever have.

natural-hair, twist-out, kinky-curly-coily-queen, achieving-a-super-define-twist-out, defined-twist-out

I would love to give you tips on how to get that super defined twist-out that lasts for a week or even more if you want it to. Let’s goooooooo! 🏃

Tip #1

Persons would say start on clean hair but for me it doesn’t matter. I’ve done it on clean, old or stretched hair and I still got a defined twist out. If you prefer to do it on clean hair, girl get that hair cleaned up. Don’t let nobody stop you. Lol *I had a moment there*

Tip #2

The smaller the twist the more defined your twist-out will be and the bigger your hair will be instantly – no need for separation. It will last  for weeks I’m telling you.

Tip #3

I like to do this thing call a rope twist. This is where you roll the hair before twisting over each strand.

Tip #4

Find a great styling product. I personally like to use my Ecostyler gel; it never fails me.

ecostyler-gel, gel, ecostyler, styling-product, twist-out, super-defined,twist-out

My staple styling product until I find an actual styling product that is awesome as this.

Tip #5

I think keeping my twists in for a day or two or three or four, etc I get more definition and elongation as well.

twist-out, natural-hair, super-defined-twist-out, hairstyle, style

This is one such case when I got elongation.

If you don’t believe me, I’m going to show you instances where I’ve achieved a super defined twist out that lasts without any retwisting.

I hope this was helpful to you gals that love a twist out and would love to achieve a super defined twist out.

Until next time,

Peace & Love. 💋


2 thoughts on “How To Achieve A Super Defined Twist Out

  1. Hi! Your hair is beautiful! But will my twist out be defined if I twist them at night and untwist them in the morning?


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