Queens Wear White

Hey Queens! 👋🏽

Yesterday, June 18, 2016 we laid my dad to rest and being that he was a very jovial man, my mom and I preferred persons wearing cheerful colors to the funeral. We were mourning but I am sure he’s in a better place smiling down on us and hoping we’d smile too.

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My best friend and I choose to wear white and pop a color somewhere.

Firstly, I wore a white dress which was sewed by a tailor for me from a fabric called scuba. This fabric is very thick and has some stretch to it. It has split to the front and hugs my curves so well. I went ahead to make a cover up for my dress – a navy blue gold metallic dots chiffon fabric being that this fabric was much lighter and airier than the scuba fabric. This cape allowed for me to add a little color to my dress. I then went ahead to purchase a shoe that had complementary neon splashed colors to my navy blue cape.


My best friend went ahead to wear her white dress and added some color with her navy blue and white floral platform shoes and a navy blue clutch.


and it continues …..


Bestie & I

love her

White gives one a canvas to do so many things, therefore, my best friend & I choose to work well with it.

Until next time,

Peace & Love. 💋



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