Flat Ironed and Cut 💇🏽

Hey Queens! 👋🏽

I currently got my natural hair straightened, that was February 18, 2017 because my weeks are quite hectic to be dealing with a thick head of hair each morning. Be mindful I am one whom is very much afraid of heat and have always tried to dodge ever doing that to my hair. You may wonder why I changed my mind and went ahead to do so. It is because I heard of the first blow-dry bar in Jamaica. Yes, Blow by Blow. It is owned by the Chynn sisters – Tami, Tessanne and Terrie. I always stated that if I was going to get my hair flat ironed, I would rather a professional do that. Blow by Blow came just in time.

The Owners



A little of what inside would look like….

My Experience

The staff at Blow by Blow are very welcoming, I would say. You do though have to call beforehand to make an appointment. There are different individuals to wash, blow dry, flat iron and even cut your hair. It was my very first time in a professional hair salon, therefore I was quite skeptic about it and many questions cloud my mind but nevertheless I went with an open mind. The only problem I had though was that they used shampoo to wash my hair and used a towel to dry my hair. The lady that blow dried and flat ironed my hair would walk me through the process of what was being done. I am one who knows my hair, therefore when she stated I needed a cut I did not hesitate to do so because if you know me I prefer healthy length. It was even my first time getting a professional cut. I would always trim my hair but I made up my mind that I needed this professional cut. It’s kinda starting my hair afresh. My fingers are crossed though for no heat damage. I highly doubt I’ll have any because this salon believes in making one pass with the flat iron over your hair which for me was a reliever when the hairstylist said it. Her technique of using a tail comb to separate each strand of hair and working in smaller sections enabled the hair to be straight with just one pass of the flat iron. Most of the products used were Design Essentials.

To see the outcome of my hair click this link here.

Before the cut

After the cut

Throughtout the 2 weeks of wearing my hair flat ironed I had my hair mostly in low bun for my nursing practicum but when I was heading out for the weekend, I would try to curl it. Initially I braided my hair then rolled a small perm rod onto the ends and it came out like this:

braid-&-curl, flat-ironed, silk-press, natural-hair, beautiful-hair, kinky-curly-coily-queen

Or I would just roll my hair in rods. Results are as showed:

flat-ironed, silk-press, natural-hair, beautiful-hair, kinky-curly-coily-queen

flat-ironed, silk-press, natural-hair, beautiful-hair, kinky-curly-coily-queen

Other pictures:


flat-ironed, silk-press, natural-hair, beautiful-hair, kinky-curly-coily-queen

I did enjoy the few weeks I had straight hair. My boyfriend thought it made me look more mature in comparison to when I wear my natural hair. Nonetheless, I prefer my natural hair all day, every day. I know there are times when we would like to take a break from our natural hair and that’s okay but we will always come back to our natural roots no matter how tedious combing our hair may become.

Look out for more posts on how I style my hair now that I have gotten my first professional cut.

Until next time,

Peace & Love.





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