Color Treated

Hey Queens! 👋🏽

I do not remember if I had mentioned it before but it has been in the back of my mind that 2017 would be a year of trying new things with my natural hair. This first thing I did to my hair that I have never done before was to professionally flat iron and cut my hair. Guess what I did next? I colored my hair. I can say 2017 has been one risky year so far.

color-treated-natural-hair, adore-semi-permanent-hair-dye, natural-hair, kinky-curly-coily-queen, color-treated, healthy-hair

If you want to know how I got my hair in this color. Read along….

Of course I did not do this by myself but I instead visited the hair salon. What I can remember is that she first applied powdered basic white to the half of my hair that I wanted the color to be then wrapped my hair in aluminium foil paper. We let that sit for about half an hour then washed out with the Tresemme Color Revitalize Shampoo.  If my memory serve me correctly, we then applied some deep conditioner – Salon Selectives Damage Repair Argan Oil Hair Treatment then I sat under the dryer for about half an hour or we applied the Adore Semi Permanent hair color that we mixed to get the color I now have in my hair and then I sat under the hooded dryer. Nevertheless I got this beautiful color. It’s not the color that I was going for but this is the color I got and I love it.


As you might know, color treated hair needs more TLC than we would give to our natural hair before the color. Therefore, I went ahead to get me some products that are color treated hair friendly.

shea-moisture, motions, aunt-jackie's, creme-of-nature, color-treated-natural-hair-products, natural-hair-products, shea-moisture-superfruit-complex-10-in-1-renewal-system-hair-masque, motions-treat-&-repair-color-care-sulfate-free-cleanser, creme-of-nature-argan-oil-argan-buttermilk-leave-in-hair-milk, aunt-jackie's-balance-grapeseed-&-avocado, aunt-jackie's-frizz-rebel!-coconut-&-sweet-almond

Mini Haul for Color Treated Hair

Over the course of me rocking this color treated hair you will see the color treated hair friendly products I use to ensure I keep my color popping, as well as you will see the regimens I use to keep my hair moisturized. Do not forget the styles I will be trying out soon.

Look out for my more posts on how to keep your color treated hair healthy.

Until next time,

Peace & Love.


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