New Business Ventures

Hey Queens! 👋

The last time I wrote was at the beginning of this year to say how I have been away for so long and now five (5) months later I’m doing the same. I’m honestly not doing this on purpose. Ever since I lost my dad, my life has made a big 360° turn. Finding out I was pregnant while attending nursing school to taking on a part-time job but I must say things are working out for the better because I have great news. 😊

I am now a proud business owner of Kinky Kurly Koily Kueen©. Kinky Kurly Koily Kueen is a registered eCommerce business (for now) where I sell natural hair and skincare products handmade with all natural ingredients by yours truly. I have taken my passion for natural hair and skincare with my love for DIY products and have combined them to form a business opportunity. On May 1, 2019 I launched my first two products from my Moringa Line; Moringa Whipped Butter and Moringa Infused Oil. They are both multi-functional products with the ability to be used in your natural hair and skincare regimen.

Moringa Whipped Butter & Moringa Infused Oil

I take orders through Instagram for now until our website is up. Islandwide and worldwide delivery is available.

Until next time,

Peace & Love. ❤❤❤

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