My Wash Day Regimen

Hey Queens! đź‘‹

I have finally come up with a wash day regimen that works for my hair. There is no one regimen that works for everyone, therefore, this may not work for you. You can try this method or take from it what you think would work for you.

My WashDay Regimen

My wash day regimen has evolved over the years and I am sticking with this one. I used to deep condition my hair before clarifying or shampooing but now I deep condition after. I also used to apply my deep conditioner to damp hair but it now works best on soaking wet hair.

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What’s In My Spray Bottle?

Hey Queens! đź‘‹

Back with another post. I can’t believe we’re already in the fourth month of the year. Yaye! to reaching the fourth month of my blog.

Now today we’ll be talking about what I use to moisturize my hair on a daily basis. All natural-haired girls must have a spray bottle in and around their home somewhere that they use to help hydrate their hair but each girl has a different concoction in that bottle. Therefore, today I am going to share with you what’s in my spray bottle.

spray-bottle, concoction, aloe-vera-juice, water

The simple concoction in my spray bottle is what I use to moisturize my hair every other day when it’s not in a protective style. In this bottle I store two ingredients:

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My Natural Hair Regimen for 2016

Hey Queens! I’m back without another post – my natural hair regimen. So I finally came up with my personal natural hair regimen after 5 years of being natural.

natural-hair-regimen, natural-hair, healthy-hair, hair-journey

This works perfectly for me and it’s not time consuming. It’s quite simple. Without further a due let’s get into it.

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