First Time Installing Box Braids

Hey Queens! 👋🏽

So I installed box braids for the first time. This was my first time doing a protective style that includes covering my entire hair. I must say it was a long process – I hate it. I hate to sit and have someone in my hair for too long. It made me look more mature – I now looked like a 21 year old than a 16 year old.


I did this because I recently cut the damaged ends off, therefore I was unable to do my mini twists without them loosing out due to the fact that my ends were blunt.

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Which is more important – Hair typing? Porosity? or Density?

Hey Queens! 👋🏽

Wonder what’s more important when taking care of that beautiful head of hair? Initially, we read about hair typing and thought this was important but then density and porosity came along and now we are confused as to what matters the most.


… but to understand which is more important it’s fitting that you know what they are.

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4 Tips to Get the Best out of Your Conditioner

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I know I’ve been away for a while but I’m back. A lot as been happening in my life but I know God is able to work things out. Enough about my days away. Let’s get into our conditioners.

conditioner, best-out-of-conditioner

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We all may have used a conditioner that doesn’t get the job done, therefore, it’s now stashed under our cupboard waiting to be revived someday, somehow. Today may be that day. Do you wish it would give you some slip and melt those tangles away or moisturize your hair as needed? How about you try these tips to get the best out of your not-so best conditioner.

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10 Reasons To Go Natural, Now!

Hey Queens! 👋

I make this post to encourage someone to return to their natural hair. You may be considering returning to your natural hair but waver no more. I endorse natural hair because I have natural hair, and just as how a girl on the creamy crack loves to see a girl joining the cream crack community (I have some of these girls in my class) that’s how excited I get when I see my sisters returning to their natural hair.

reasons-to-go-natural, natural-hair-community, natural-hair, kinky-curly-coily-queens

Now I have been natural for almost six years and I love every moment of it. Therefore, I can give you reasons as to why returning to your natural state is a great decision. This may not be all the reasons but these are some of the reasons that stood out for me.

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Being Natural is NOT as easy as it looks!

You may think the topic of this post is to deter my naturalistas or upcoming naturalistas from the natural hair journey that they are on. Stop! This is not so. It is only to prepare the mind for what each of us are getting ourselves into or what we are already in. We may see a fellow blogger or youtuber and think that they have it all together because their natural hair is “on point”, “on fleek”, “them edges laid”, etc- whatever slang makes you sleep at night BUT I am quite sure they’ve also had their days.


I have been natural for more than 3 years. I must say it has not being an easy journey. Why you may ask?

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History of Black Hair

Black hair have had more than its days – began with a rough start but I pray we don’t let it end in a bad way. Our ancestors were taken from their homes to foreign lands where they had to succumb to the European’s idea of beauty. Strain has been upon our hair from then to now on how it’s suppose to look and behave at different intervals. This post serves to inform individuals of the African descendants of the evolution of their black hair.


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