Braid & Curl

Hey Queens! I’m back with another style. This is my first time doing a braid and curl style on my hair because I’m just a twist-out and bantu-knot out gal – I’v perfected those two styles. There are many other styles I am yet to try and really would love to but as time goes by I will try and with each try I’ll share my experiences through words and pictures. I’d love my blog to be completely authentic as possible so my readers can see that it takes trial and error to perfect the art of the natural hair styles.

Braid & Curl Collage

I finished this style around 5:15 pm on Sunday and I had a class at 8:00 am Monday. I was anxious about how this would turn out because these styles usually take a longer time to dry. I tried to use less gel on this style to avoid an extensive drying time. This was done on dry hair.

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Bantu-Knot Out


I have always been wearing bantu-knots. In Jamaica, we call them chiney bumps. I wasn’t aware that this was a style until I began my research on the natural hair. Since then it has been one of my go-to hairstyles when I’m not in the lazy mood. Even though this style gives me major shrinkage, I embrace the shrinkage nonetheless. Below I will demonstrate how I do this.

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