Kinky Curly Coily Queen ⇔ Samantha

Hey Queens! 👋

Here’s another Kinky Curly Coily Queen for the month of March. I’ve admired her hair over the course of the years I’ve met her on facebook, as well as the few times I’ve seen her while I’m out. I wish I had the courage she had to just chop my hair off but I don’t. I admire her spirit –  people might think it’s weird, some might appreciate it or not but I am one who does appreciate it.


 Introduce yourself.

Samantha. I’m 21 yr old naturalista. You could say I’m an artistic woman. Currently I am not enrolled at any colleges or UNI because I’m still discovering myself and finding what I’m passionate about. Always learning something new, like painting and doing make-up. I love coloring outside of the lines. LOL

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My First Hair Tag

Hey Queens! 👋

This is my first hair tag. I’ve always liked tags especially the Youtube ones. I think these tags are a great way of getting the reader to know more about who is behind this blog, as well as to interact with the readers.

I saw Atim from participated in a hair tag and she tagged all those who were interested in doing this blog. Hop over to her blog to check out her hair tag.

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Here is my hair tag:

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I have had molasses around my home for awhile – so long it didn’t expire. One day I needed to deep condition my hair and my mom suggested the use of molasses. It was great to my hair so I continued to do so when I was out of a deep conditioner. Check out my DIY deep conditioner here with this superfood here.

blackstrap-molasses, molasses, healthy-skin, healthy-hair, hair-gorowth

Did you know that Molasses was a sugar? The most nutrient-densed sugar? It is made when sugar cane syrup is boiled for the third time creating what you would call “blackstrap molasses.” This is very unrefined and is the best choice if you want to reap the benefits for your hair and skin.

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My Natural Hair Regimen for 2016

Hey Queens! I’m back without another post – my natural hair regimen. So I finally came up with my personal natural hair regimen after 5 years of being natural.

natural-hair-regimen, natural-hair, healthy-hair, hair-journey

This works perfectly for me and it’s not time consuming. It’s quite simple. Without further a due let’s get into it.

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Factual or Mythical Series: Natural Hair Must be Moisturized

Factual. I can vividly remember those days when I would wash my hair, dry with a towel and then oil with a petrolatum oil. Wow, I must say. I was that natural haired girl doing all the wrong things to her hair. I didn’t know better but thank God for all these platforms that have assisted me, as well as, my curiosity and love for change.

series, natural-hair, moisturized, moisturisation, moisturized-hair, L-O-C-Method, L-C-O-Method

Natural hair must be moisturized because our type 4 hair is very fragile but only you can determine the frequency of how often you moisturize your hair. Whether it be daily, every other day, weekly – whatever works for you; it varies from person to person. One thing that is general to all naturals though, is that the oldest part of our hair – the ends, need all the tender, love and care you can give to it. Therefore, when we moisturize our hair we should pay keen attention to this part of our hair.

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My Love for Wash N’ Gos ❤

Hey Queens! It’s the beginning of March. Can you believe we’re already in the third month of the year. Where did all the time go? It seems like just yesterday I initiated my blog. I’m loving every moment of this. It’s true they say when you do what you love or is passionate about something, you’ll never work a day in your life. Without further a due, I introduce to you the first post in my Wash N’ Go Series. Click here to see why I initiated this series.

I have always admired the girls who wore wash n’ gos. Their first day curls were pretty and their second, third, fourth day ….. hair was big. Despite the failed attempts at a wash n’ go that has never stopped me from trying again.

wash-n-go, curly-hair, styling, natural-hair, kinky-hair, african-hair

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Kinky Curly Coily Queen ⇔ Sunnette

Hey Queens. I introduce to you another Queen for the month of February. Welcome little Sunny. I’ve known her from high school. She was in a higher grade than I am but now we attend the same University doing the same course – what were the odds? Nevertheless, I love her hair and thought it would be great to feature her on my blog.


Introduce yourself

Hi, I’m Sunnette Stevens. I am currently a nursing student of The University of Technology, Jamaica.  In the future I would like to become a Paediatric Nurse. I have been natural for all my 22 years soon to be 23 years.  I am a humble individual. I am all about family.  I enjoy reading, listening to music, dancing and chilling with friends. I love the Lord and I try my best to follow his words.

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Product Review | One n’ Only® Argan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner

As I’ve mentioned in my previous product review of Hask®: Monoi Coconut Oil Nourishing Deep Conditioner I will be on a deep conditioner splurge since this semester of school is quite hectic, therefore I am not able to make my DIY deep conditioners.

One n' Only Argan Oil

Sulfate, phosphate & paraben free

Hydrates & restores moisture – Detangles

Repairs damaged hair – Color protection

This is a daily conditioner that helps reconstruct the hair, detangles and replenishes moisture levels. Helps condition and smooth the cuticle, repairing split ends. Improves shine and manageability. Provides color protection.

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