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How are you doing today? I’ve been researching about oils to help in hair growth and I came across canola oil, therefore I began to research about it.┬áCanola is not endorsed in the natural hair community and from my research this seems to be a great oil for your hair.

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Canola seeds are used to produce canola oil since 43% of it is oil. Canola is modified type of rapeseed. It belongs to the mustard family (canola is closely related to Brussels sprout, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage). Cultivation of rapeseed started four thousand years ago. Medical studies in 20th century showed that rapeseed contains erucic acid (chemical substance) that may induce harmful effects in humans when consumed in large quantities. Soon after, scientists created genetically improved, healthier version of rapeseed, named canola. Newly created plant contains minimal amount of erucic acid, it is resistant to herbicides and it can be consumed safely. Thanks to all these features, canola is one of the most important agricultural crops today. [SOURCE]

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