The Best Heat Protectant for Your Natural Hair

Hey Queens! 👋

It’s been so long since I’ve made any content. I just realized my last post was January 16, 2018. How bad of me! 😔 There’s a good explanation for that though. I’m now a first time mom and I’m still learning to balance being a mom, school and work. 

But….. before I go any further Happy New Year guys! I hope 2018 was a wonderful year and I wish great things for this year, 2019.

To display how busy I have been last year, I was contacted in September about a blog post creator of wanted me to share on my blog and I have not gotten around to do it last year until now. What better time to post it, as a few days from today I will be straightening my hair and getting a trim to start off the year right with my natural hair. Without further a due here’s the blog post from

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