Product Review | ORS™ Shealicious™ Moisture Lock

Hey Queens! 👋🏽

I’m here with another product review – another deep conditioner. I’ve been wanting to try this product since it was launched by ORS. You guys might be aware of the three new conditioning cocktails they offer. They include the Shealicious Moisture Lock, Shealicious Scalp Relief and Shealicious Shine Booster. Each cocktail comes with the aforementioned natural oils  on the side that you mix with a shea butter conditioner on the other side. The Shealicious Moisture Lock uses tamanu and black current oils, the Shealicious Scalp Relief uses avocado and rosemary oils and the Shealicious Shine Booster uses alma and argan oils. I bought the Shealicious Moisture Lock.

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The Mix for Dry, Damaged Hair

I was fascinated by this because it has a very cute packaging that gives you the feel of making your own little cocktail. I’m a DIY girl, so just imagine own excited I was about making this.

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DIY Aloe Vera & Molasses Deep Conditioner

Hey Queens! Back with another DIY. My unorganized lil sister forgot that she needed to wash her hair, therefore she didn’t purchase a deep conditioner. Which led to this DIY. We had to make use of things in and around the house.

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