Product Review | Garnier┬« Fructis┬« Curl Nourish Line

Hey Queens! ­čĹő­čĆŻ

I know it’s been like forever but a lot is going on which you’ll soon find out about. ­čśÇ I have so many products to review for you though, like so many. I have a lot of empties at home sitting down ready to be reviewed but since I am in the states I can’t review those that are in Jamaica.

Since I’m in the states I thought I would get my hands on some new products. I was watching a few YouTube videos and I noticed that there were a lot of reviews on this Granier┬« Fructis┬« Curl Nourish Line and it seems to work for those with natural hair.┬á This is actually my first time using products from a product line together to see the results I will achieve. Let’s see how long I can keep this up for. The first line of products I will be using is the Granier┬« Fructis┬« Curl Nourish Line.

Hair is almost entirely made up of protein, which gives hair its strength. ALL NEW, paraben-free Fructis formulas with Active Fruit Protein, an exclusive combination of citrus protein, Vitamins B3 & B6, fruit & plant-derived extracts and strengthening conditioners, are designed for healthier, stronger hair. 

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