Factual or Mythical Series: Protective Styles Make Your Hair Grow

This has been a myth in the natural hair community for quite awhile. Now when we speak of protective styles we’re speaking of a style that protect the ends of our hair. Protective styles include twists, braids, wigs, extensions, weaves, etc. When we protect our ends we avoid the chance of it breaking off. Ends not being broken off = more length.

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Women will often do back to back protective styles to encourage hair growth but are not aware of the downfalls of doing this. I myself have been a victim of the back-to-back protective styling trying to grow long hair. Protective styles helps us to retain length – not grow our hair.

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Undefined Fro

Hey Queens! 👋🏽

Last Wednesday I wore my hair in undefined style and I love it. I am a girl who loves a defined look, so falling in love with an undefined style means I am growing to love my hair in whatever state it’s in. I used to think persons would look at me like I’m a crazy girl with all my hair out like that but I just didn’t care that day. I had so many eyes staring at my hair but it just didn’t matter. I felt free, my hair dancing in the wind. 🙂

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My wash day was the next day – Thursday and I just didn’t want to do much with my hair, so I placed some flat twists in my hair about 10 or less and the next day I pulled them out to achieve this: 💁

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I’ve Noticed Softer Hair

Hey Queens! 👋

I am one to always wear my hair in mini twists. Here in Jamaica, we call them rope twists. Yesterday, I installed another head of rope twists and I noticed that my hair was as soft as ever than before. I was in awe.

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I washed my hair on Thursday -the whole works of shampoo, deep condition, condition, apply a leave-in and then applied my black castor oil infused with argan oil mixed with coconut oil. This is the process I always used when washing my hair but I tweaked it a little. I wasn’t home by the way when I washed my hair. I was staying at my cousin’s house. Now, at his house he has a water heater.

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Kinky Curly Coily Queen ⇔ Sunnette

Hey Queens. I introduce to you another Queen for the month of February. Welcome little Sunny. I’ve known her from high school. She was in a higher grade than I am but now we attend the same University doing the same course – what were the odds? Nevertheless, I love her hair and thought it would be great to feature her on my blog.


Introduce yourself

Hi, I’m Sunnette Stevens. I am currently a nursing student of The University of Technology, Jamaica.  In the future I would like to become a Paediatric Nurse. I have been natural for all my 22 years soon to be 23 years.  I am a humble individual. I am all about family.  I enjoy reading, listening to music, dancing and chilling with friends. I love the Lord and I try my best to follow his words.

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Kinky Curly Coily Queen ⇔ Monique


Introduce Yourself 

Hi Queens, I am your 20 year old blogger, Monique from Jamaica. I am a nursing student. I love to sing, dance, watch YouTube videos and encourage others.

Why did you go natural?

I went natural because my dad was not digging the permed hair on me. He thought my thick head of hair had gotten too thin and too short. He suggested I return to my natural state. I am happy he told me to do so.

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Factual or Mythical Series: Our Hair is Always Growing


This picture was drawn by Ariel. You can find her on Instagram @keturahariel

Yes, our hair is always growing. Actually on average our hair grows ½ inch a month. That’s 6 inches in a year. Can you imagine retaining all that length in the healthy way possible? Although many naturals will not see this growth due to excess breaking of hair. Thus, the reason for preventing hair breakage during our hair growth regimen. Bear in mind though that some hair loss is quite normal, so don’t sweat it. It is natural to lose 50-100 hairs per day. This is referred to as shedding. Knowing the difference between shedding and breakage and how to treat either will help one in their journey to healthy hair.

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Introducing Monique


Hello Queens, I am Monique Spence, 20 years of age. I live in the beautiful island of Jamaica. I currently attend the University of Technology, Jamaica where I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

Why I Chose To Blog?

I chose to blog because I have been having this urge since I was in college. It all began when I had transitioned to natural hair. After three years of wearing cornrows and rope twists I just wanted a change in the hairstyles I did. I had began researching about natural hair and came upon the site Black Girl Long Hair which lead me to a whole other realm of natural hair.

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