DIY Aloe Vera Juice

Hey Queens! đź‘‹

*drum roll* I bring to you another DIY. How great is that? Do it yourself and you’re sure to know what’s in it. If you’ve read my What’s In My Spray Bottle? post you would have known that this is my main ingredient for moisturizing my hair. I’m aware of the benefits of Aloe Vera (see them here) and I’ve seen girls using aloe vera juice to moisturize their hair. I could not source aloe vera juice here in Jamaica so I researched how to make my own and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.

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Factual or Mythical Series: Natural Hair Must be Moisturized

Factual. I can vividly remember those days when I would wash my hair, dry with a towel and then oil with a petrolatum oil. Wow, I must say. I was that natural haired girl doing all the wrong things to her hair. I didn’t know better but thank God for all these platforms that have assisted me, as well as, my curiosity and love for change.

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Natural hair must be moisturized because our type 4 hair is very fragile but only you can determine the frequency of how often you moisturize your hair. Whether it be daily, every other day, weekly – whatever works for you; it varies from person to person. One thing that is general to all naturals though, is that the oldest part of our hair – the ends, need all the tender, love and care you can give to it. Therefore, when we moisturize our hair we should pay keen attention to this part of our hair.

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