Pear Shape 101: Celebrities

Hey Queens! đź‘‹

I mentioned before (here) that I have a pear shaped body type and I’ll be assisting my pear shaped ladies how to flatter their assets. If you still haven’t come to terms with the type of body you have then I think this here might help.

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Do you look at celebrities and compare your body to theirs to see if you have the same body type. Without further due, lets me show you celebrities who have this body type.

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What’s My Body Shape?

Hey Queens! đź‘‹

This month is my month. June 1, the day I was born. I would love to start my fashion blogging in this month. Therefore ….. *drum rolls*

Are you ready for some fashion blogging? I love fashion and always strive to be fashionable but I can be a rebel at times. I can give you my tips, as well as, expert tips on dressing for your body shape. Bear in mind, I’m a rebel so I might not wear as exactly as the experts would suggest because I am contented with the body God gave to me.

So I’ve planned that the next time I go clothes shopping or anytime I pick up another clothing I want to ensure that I am buying the right clothes for my body shape. I am aware that knowing your body shape helps one in flattering their assets. Therefore, I went ahead to do a quiz.

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I’ve done this test multiple times before but I just couldn’t see how I was that body shape because I have a small frame. I guess the measurements don’t lie. I’ve also had persons tell me I’ll see it soon enough when I gain a little more weight.

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