How I Achieved My Most Successful Wash n’ Go

Hey Queens! ­čĹő

I’m back with another post. This post serves to inform you of┬áhow I achieved my most successful wash n’ go in and out of the shower.


When done in the shower

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The Wash N’ Go Series

wash-n'-go, series, curly-hair, kinky-hair, styling

I’ll be starting a wash n’ go series where I speak of the products I use for my wash n’ go, how I maintain my wash n go, styles you can attain with a wash n’ go among other things over a period of time. I find that this style is┬áless time consuming┬ásince I have a┬áhectic life and it’s easy to manipulate for additional styles.

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Product Review | Lottabody┬« Moisture Me Curl & Style Milk

product-review, lotta-body, product, curl-&-style-milk, lotta-body-curl-&-style-milk, wash-n-go, relaxed-hair, natural-hair, defines-curls, tames-frizz, adds-mositure+brilliant-shine

The new rave of the natural hair community – the Lottabody new styling line for both natural and relaxed hair girls.

I had the chance of using one of the products from their line –┬áMoisture Me Curl & Style Milk┬á and I must say the reviews I’ve read and videos I’ve watched about this product are no lie.

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